Martina Fabbretti

Head of Marketing at Qualibrate

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Software quality: a mind game

Why many technology initiatives are failing? Tools are necessary but not sufficient. Software quality is a mind game: the right mindset is the key to success. Read the story of René, Test manager in Province Noord-Holland.

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Work-from-home balance: we share what we learned

Are you struggling to find a work-from-home / family balance? We are all in, we are millions. In this article, we turned our learning into tips for the ones who still have to deal with this unusual routine in the weeks to come.

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End to end testing: best practices and pitfalls

Formulating a proper end-to-end testing strategy presents many challenges to organizations. Read about the golden rules and the common pitfalls you need to avoid.

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ML, Big data, QA strategy and organization in 2019: the interview with an expert

A few days ago, I interviewed Herminio Vazquez, Principal Consultant in IOVIO, about the QA trends in 2019. We talked about Machine Learning, Big data, QA strategy, and agile teams.

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Test automation ROI: how to calculate it

Investing in automation can be expensive and success depends on many factors which are highly related to your specific business and QA requirements.

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How to choose the test automation tool for your needs

When it comes to test automation, choosing the right tool is a critical component for success. It is not a decision to take lightly. Here is a full guide to understand how to compare the different solutions, and what the key criteria are.

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How Qualibrate leverages on data management to make your testing more agile

Qualibrate is a data-driven test automation tool, empowered by an easy test data management module. Find out how Qualibrate stores and uses data to extend the coverage of your test cases and to easily maintain them.

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