Krunal Sabnis

Cloud Architect at Qualibrate

Krunal completed his master’s degree in Computer Applications from University of Pune.

During his professional experience he has worked with technology giants like IBM, Pitney Bowes Software.

He has recently moved to Amsterdam for a delicate mission: create the Next Generation Qualibrate Cloud Platform!

For this project he is implementing the best possible practices in Product Development along with key focus on DevOps, ease of management of Infrastructure and operations.

Krunal’s motto is ‘nothing is impossible’. Always way ahead of curve with knowledge when it comes to latest technologies, Cloud computing, Big Data and IoT.

He recently discovered the pleasure of biking: after moving to Amsterdam he bought a new bike and now, during his free time, you can find him riding around the city, thinking of Qualibrate next steps.

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Thinking of infrastructure as code is applying software engineering approaches to operational functions, with all the benefits of software development: source code control, version control, test, and deployment.

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