Hidde Visser

Principal Consultant at IOVIO

With over 10-year-experience in Quality Assurance, he has helped many companies in the Netherlands, and worldwide, to set up sustainable and solid test automation frameworks, CI/CD platforms and quality assurance strategies.

Real Dutch, both in the origins and in the looks, he studied Information Engineering in Amsterdam. In the past 10 years, he supported the major banking company in the Netherlands to streamline the software delivery process by decreasing the test execution cycles and improve the quality of each release. Then, he moved to the mortgages team and used his know-how to create a test automation framework, implement Mocking services, implemented Service Virtualization and set up a performance testing strategy.

In the years he specialized in open-source tools, like Jmeter, Selenium and SoapUI, and how to include them in an end to end system. He is also highly skilled in enterprise solutions like SAP, HP tooling, Eggplant and Parasoft for quality assurance.

To plug off from his daily routine of responsibilities and team managing, he enjoys very much being a father of a 3-year-old son and feeding his challenge hanger in a CrossFit box.

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