Dean Hanson

Software professional

Career Technologist and word enthusiast. A software professional since 2003, providing consultancy, training and test management services to some of the largest companies across the world like Greggs, Unilever, and Metropolitan Police.

Working primarily in the ERP space, he has gained particular expertise in SAP and now he spends his time working with customers to develop their content strategy, including writing articles about quality assurance strategies and best practices that he gained during his experience.

While working remotely for many companies around the globe, including Qualibrate, he enjoys gardening, sporting, and having long walks with his beloved 3 chihuahuas under the English sky.

Blog Posts

How to Supercharge Your SAP Implementation Quality

Quality is fundamental to the success of any software implementation. Modern SAP landscapes rely on frequent and rapid releases. Modern test tooling allows you to implement SAP faster and more easily than ever before. In this blog, we’ll show you 3 ways to supercharge your SAP implementation quality.

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SAP: How to Reduce Risk Efficiently (& Meet Your Compliance Requirements)

Modern SAP projects need to be fast and dynamic, with constant innovation. Inefficient risk mitigation and evidence capture will slow your release frequency and put a major blocker on innovation. But luckily, it doesn’t have to be the case. You can efficiently reduce risk and meet your audit need.

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Modern SAP Projects Need Rapid Testing. Here's how...

Many SAP customers struggle to evolve their testing, but its essential for modern SAP projects. With Qualibrate, you can quickly and easily modernize your testing and accelerate your SAP projects.

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Why Quality is Everyone's Responsibility & How to Improve It

With good testing in place, you can provide valuable information to the whole project. What the project does with that information is the key to achieving high-quality solutions. Other teams should work closely with the testers to understand the information and what to do with it...

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Accelerate Your Cloud ERP Journey: Arrive Safely with Qualibrate

Digital transformation offers substantial benefits, but also involves high risk. Few projects have the potential to change your business as much as a Cloud ERP implementation. Cloud ERP implementations though have a high risk. They can quickly spiral out of control. By using Qualibrate, you can de-risk your project.

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Project Management Hack: Use Mistakes to Boost Teamwork

Software Projects can be tricky to manage. When delays creep in, factions form. Fingers point and relationships break down. When things get hostile, defects become a project battleground. But strategic managers use defect management as an opportunity to boost teamwork on projects.

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Safeguarding S/4HANA: 3 steps for a high-quality SAP implementation

You have a lot to think about when you’re starting your SAP S/4 HANA journey. With everything going on, it can be easy to deprioritize software quality, at least early on. After all, you can just document and test everything at the end then train everyone in production, can’t you...?

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SaaS: Finally, The Test Tools You Need for The Digital Age

You used to have a limited choice when selecting test tools. Nowadays though, you have a much better option - SaaS test tools. Learn how SaaS gives you a flexible, connected, and affordable solution that’s fit for the digital age.

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Find Out How Your Testers Can Give Your Trainers a Fighting Chance

Training your end-users is crucial to the success of your project, but trainers are often swimming against the tide. Testers can give them a fighting chance of success. We'll show you why, and how to get them talking

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You've been doing Business Process Documentation Wrong - Here's how to fix it

Your business process documentation should provide a solid and reliable reference point. Still, most projects get their business process documentation wrong. Let's look at some of the common issues and how to fix them.

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SAP Activate – What it is & Why You would use it?

What is SAP activate? Activate is SAP’s implementation toolkit. It is more than just a methodology. It’s not pure Agile, not really Waterfall, it is somewhere in between...

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Service Virtualization for SAP – You Could Save €240k (and Hit Deadlines)

Does your SAP implementation involve multiple workstreams? Could 3rd party integration slow your progress? If yes to either, Service Virtualization could help you reduce costly delays and help you keep your SAP project under control.

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The Nightmare Before Go-Live: Can You Make the Correct Test Data Call?

Your project has slipped. The board has committed to a go-live date but it’s at risk. You face a make-or-break Test Data decision. You are the protagonist of this story and you choose the final: can you make the right choice?

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5 Causes of SAP License Issues (and 5 steps to fix them)

SAP licensing is complex! You already know this. What you might not know, is what you can do about it. Let's look at the potential impact to your business and what steps you can take to mitigate the risk.

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Get to grips with S/4HANA in 3 easy steps

S/4HANA is coming up to 5 years old and is maturing as an offering. SAP is pushing its customers to adopt S/4HANA as early as possible, but is it the right solution for you? Is it practical? Is it even possible?

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S/4HANA Migration – The 4 Approaches

You decided that S/4HANA is for you. And now? What migration approach do you choose? Read the article to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the 4 approaches: greenfield, bluefield, brownfield, and transformation.

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