Ahmed Kalsekar

Principal Consultant - IOVIO

With more than 10 year experience in IT and Quality Management, Ahmed has helped many corporate teams transforming and innovating the way they ensure a high software quality standard.

Specialized in SAP he brought his expertise in Europe, Africa, US and Asia, supporting teams on functional and performance testing projects. His favorite activity is to create leaner processes, with a strong focus on automation, optimization and sustainability in the long term.

He is widely recognized for his precision, his domain competence, his ability to think strategically and lead small and big teams to success.

Born in India, he lived in UK for a while where he studied Computing at De Monfort University. He now lives in Amsterdam, often travelling to customers all over the world. Despite the place he lives now he maintained the English imprint, both for his accent and his sharp humor.

In his free time he turns into an eager reader: he can’t help but stay on top of news, reading about the latest trends in IT and innovation in general.

Blog Posts

Innovation could be happening in your backyard, you might just not know how to identify it.

Our modern-day lives are rife with innovations, some that are more notable like the smartphone you are most probably reading this article on, to the less noteworthy wristwatch.

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