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SAP End-to-End Testing Strategy

SAP End-to-End Testing Strategy

Net Xpress

How to rapidly reduce SAP test cycles with Qualibrate.
SAP Processes
3 weeks
Test coverage
Test cycles run
Qualibrate has proven to be a real lifesaver for us, we couldn't have done this without it.
Deborah Scherer
Business Process Manager

1. The Challenge

In 2017, WINC (staples) NZ was sold by WINC/Staples Australia. All HQ functions required decentralizing by the new owners in less than 6 months, including the IT & ERP infrastructure.

The objective was to transition all new IT systems including customer integration. Then hire and train 50 new staff capable of operating the new SAP environment within 6 months. All without affecting revenue or customer experience.

The SAP system landscape was complex, and the migration was challenging. It included moving to another operating system, database migration, integration with customers, and supplier systems. All this making sure to maintain data integrity and confidentiality.

2. The Solution

It was strategic for NXP to select the right partner to design a good E2E regression testing strategy: DXC Oxygen was selected as the implementation partner. Taking into account project complexity and time constraints, the selection of the test automation tool was also crucial. DXC Oxygen decided to choose Qualibrate: simple and user-friendly, yet, powerful and customizable. The business people could easily record the business processes in minutes. The recordings were used as building blocks for end to end scenarios, and also as training material for the new staff. These are some of the key figures DXC Oxygen accomplished with Qualibrate:

  • Up and running in 3 weeks: the test workstream kicked off on November 6th, 2018 and the team (~4 FTE) ran the first fully automated regression test cycle on November 26th
  • 558 business processes, 95% coverage: in total 558 level 3 SAP processes (transactions) were tested, recorded and automated
  • 20 fully automated E2E regression test cycles were run, including 2 cycles in the pre-production environment, 1 in UAT (after all transports were imported), and 30 virtual machines running 89 E2E scenarios simultaneously.
  • 25 defects identified during these test cycles, which have promptly been resolved

5-step-approach to test automation

risk-based recording

Risk-based flow recordings

DXC identified 631 SAP Business Processes in place. How to choose what to automate?

Due to the time constraint, DXC Oxygen decided to prioritize the recording of the Business Processes based on the criticality of each of them and prioritizing the most critical. After 3 weeks 558 were automated, which means 95%. All the critical ones were covered, just a few "important" and "nice to have" left for manual testing.

Risk based testing

3. The Outcome

With no impact on revenue or customers, NXP went live 5 days ahead of schedule. Zero downtime: shutdown Friday night, fully operational for the next business day.

They now have a robust SAP platform built for business growth, with an architecture designed to support many times the transaction volumes of today. This great outcome, rarely witnessed in SAP projects, was achieved thanks to DXC Oxygen which, despite the time constraints, was still able to build a robust test strategy. Thanks to Qualibrate test cases are also easily maintainable and reusable.

  1. Live in 6 months, with no impact on customers or business operations
  2. No loss of historical sales records or stocking data
  3. Robust platform ready for future growth
Qualibrate paved the way for NXP to adopt more agile development methodologies

- NXP CEO Joe Taylor

Do you want to see Qualibrate in action? Watch a demo here!

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