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From weeks to hours, in one click

From weeks to hours, in one click


How the Global Procurement and SAP SRM teams of a large Dutch Brewery secure quality at high speed with Qualibrate.
Faster regression test execution
Fully automated flows
OpCos supported across the globe
Applications in Scope (SAP and non-SAP)
Qualibrate is a new SAP test automation tool that delivers a valued E2E service. We appreciate the thinking-with-us mentality and proactive-service attitude
System Maintenance & Test Factory Manager

1. The Challenge

Heineken has a true passion for quality which is shown in all aspects of the system. Everything from the brewery, as well as the IT systems. Test automation helps ensure a reliable experience all the way to the happy customer.

The Buying – Sell Process is one of the core Business Processes for Heineken. If the SAP SRM system does not work the breweries cannot get new supplies. OpCos cannot initiate procurement for supply. This involves buying and selling raw and packaging material around the globe.

Heineken wanted to automate the SAP SRM test Suit to gain efficiency.

2. The Solution

Qualibrate was chosen as test automation tool, together with IOVIO and IBM, as implementation partners.

Heineken decided to start with a Pilot Project: the scope of the project consisted of 4 different Business Processes across 4 distinct SAP systems, 7 Operating companies and consisted of more than 305 test scenarios.

After the success, the implementation was extended to other 8 Business Processes spanned across 15 Operating companies: such as Procurement, Warehouse, Planning, Brewhouse, Packaging, and distribution.

Test automation succeeded to ensure the availability of these systems is critical and the success model was implemented and extended to more applications, SAP and non SAP.

3. The Outcome

By automating the regression testing of the SRM system Heineken gained agility and secured the full operation of the supply chain.

Key benefits achieved:

  • Speed: Enable improved speed vs. doing test manually
  • Quality: assurance that quality meets business expectations
  • Efficiency: Optimize use of available systems and resources
  • Value: proof that key users are able to approve trusted results
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