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No limits to IT efficiency

No limits to IT efficiency

Dutch Ministry of Defense

How the Dutch Ministry of Defense improved its already mature software quality activities, leveraging the Qualibrate capabilities.
Time for test execution, compared to before
Increase in number of SAP releases per year
Hours saved for each technical release
Fully automated end-to-end complex scenarios
Qualibrate? This is a must-have! It will save you a lot of time and resources
Fred Dompeling
Test Manager at Ministry of Defense

The challenge

Ministry of Defense (MoD) was already a mature user of test automation having a dedicated team in place since 2008. For over 10 years they have been busy building a test automation competence internally with MicroFocus ALM, UFT, BPT, and SAP TAO.

Like most companies, the MoD is constantly under pressure to improve the efficiency of their internal IT processes and reduce cost. This, together with the fact that SAP TAO was coming to end of life as a product, gave them the opportunity to look for alternative test automation solutions in the market.

To evaluate the best fit, the MoD put together a list of selection criteria. As the Ministry of Defense team is mostly composed of business users, they required a solution that was easy to use, had a fast learning curve, and allowed them to automate their end-to-end SAP processes.

Several tools were evaluated during this selection process. Many of them were offering complex solutions which resulted in high maintenance and license costs for the Ministry of Defense’s needs.
One of the important requirements when selecting the new tool, was easy maintenance and the ability to use it without deep technical knowledge.

The solution

From the solutions evaluated, Qualibrate was selected as the best fit for the Ministry of Defense requirements and the implementation started in 2018.

Qualibrate is an automation platform that enables customers to test faster, document more efficiently and train end users more effectively on their mission critical systems.

Why Qualibrate?

The most knowledgeable users of SAP at MoD are within the business community. The overall feedback provided by the users was that Qualibrate was selected due to:

  • Easy to use even for non-technical team members.
  • Apart from the user-friendly capabilities, you still can add advanced logic to your scripts with the option of custom code.
  • Maintenance of the scripts is very simple and efficient.
  • Execution logs are very clear and easy to read.
  • The onboarding process for the new team members was very easy
  • Rather than the previous way of working, where they managed tests in one tool but executed in another, everything in Qualibrate was in one single application.

The Outcome

Increased Coverage & Reduced Risk

The Ministry of Defense was able to increase its testing coverage to more than 30 complex end-to-end scenarios that are now fully automated and executed regularly reducing the risk of failure in production.

More Releases, More Frequently

Due to having a comprehensive and reliable automated regression set the Ministry of Defense was able to move from a release every 3 months to a release every 2 weeks. The next target is weekly release cycles.

Time and Cost Savings

During the course of their last technical release, the Ministry of Defense saved over 1500 hours by leveraging the Qualibrate automation platform.

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