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Salesforce is the market leader on cloud-based CRM solutions for Sales, Marketing and Service teams who aim to increase sales, generate more leads, improve customer service, engage customer and supplier relationships and ultimately grow.

While Salesforce promise a lot of advantages from a business standpoint, there are multiple challenges organizations encounter while testing Salesforce applications, especially when integrated with other Enterprise applications.


The Salesforce ecosystem provides a powerful low-code / no-code platform for end users so they can create custom applications in no-time.

This in combination with their thriving AppExchange marketplace, unleashes the ability for customers to achieve a high degree of customization and integration with trusted 3rd party solutions, including popular ERP software applications like SAP and Oracle.

This presents an enormous challenge for testing teams that need to keep an eye on the stability and quality of the solution, and have the ambition to build strong and stable E2E automated regression sets.

The dynamic behavior of Salesforce's Lightning UI framework makes it even more difficult to create and maintain automated test cases in the long run.


Qualibrate is designed around the principle of making end-to-end regression testing simple for the non-technical user. At the same time providing advanced functionality for technically oriented users.

It is a flexible and data-driven solution: while recording your business processes in Salesforce, Qualibrate automatically captures User Actions, Salesforce Classic UI and Lightning UI Objects, and Test data that are stored separately.

By managing your data within Qualibrate you will be able to increase your test coverage and create test cases that are easily maintainable.


Qualibrate functionalities dedicated to Salesforce testing.
The Qualibrate recorder automatically recognizes Salesforce Classic or Lightning UI objects and picks the proper method to map them, using an advanced smart object recognition system.

You need almost no technical knowledge to know which user action has to be used for which object, as this is determined by Qualibrate during the recording.

However, you can still tag objects manually, using standard object recognition strategies like xpath or selectors.
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The advanced Data Management Actions in Qualibrate offers options to easily create multiple iterations of the data. In this way you can easily run role-based testing and increase your coverage.

You also have the option to download the data to an excel file, make the necessary changes by adding formulae and then uploading the data to the data management. The uploaded data can then be used to run individual or several iterations.
Qualibrate provides several ways to generate test data that can act as an input to a regression test suite, not only excel.

It has an open API and a Command Line Interface, to populate test data or to trigger execution.

It also integrates with the most popular development and management tools available in the market, like Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, etc.
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