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S/4 HANA transformation

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S/4HANA is SAP's flagship ERP offering. As modern as it might be, its implementation is far from being an easy feat. S/4HANA implementations present unprecedented challenges for both business and IT teams due to the level of transformation they introduce on they way of working.

Even the most basic of implementations still demand teams to be well organized in order to deal with the complexities of delivering value into production. Activities for testing, documentation, and learning require a unified approach to avoid manual work and duplicate efforts.

Qualibrate provides a revolutionary approach to deliver S/4HANA programs with better quality and reduced risk.

With Qualibrate, project teams can rely on a unique source: The Business Process recording. The recording becomes the foundation business process documentation, automated E2E regression testing, Manual Test, and end-user training material.

Enable your teams to keep business process documentation, testing and training deliverables always in sync.​


One of the greatest challenges when moving to S/4HANA is to release into production as fast as possible, with no business disruption. On iterative rollouts regression testing becomes crucial. Even more, if your system relies on a high level of customization.

Once the new system is operational, organizations want to maximize the level of adoption among the end-users. The new S/4HANA applications are delivered with SAP's new User Interface called Fiori, which introduces completely redesigned business applications for end users, making system adoption a challenging and daunting tasks for Change Management teams.

As S/4HANA Fiori apps are still evolving through time, there are different legacy systems and frameworks in use. These include frameworks like SAP GUI for HTML (delivered thru SAP ITS), SAP WebDynpro ABAP and Java, SAP WebCUIF (CRM’s UI framework), and the most modern SAP UI5 framework. Dealing with those frameworks in a standard and consistent way presents multiple challenges for testing tools to properly identify and steer automated scripts in a reliable way.


Qualibrate is the cloud solution for S/4HANA test automation and software delivery. With an easy to use interface, teams can record your Business Process. These processes become the unique sources of truth for testing, documentation,and training. All deliverables will be always in sync, updated, and ready to run.

With a unified and consistent automation engine that supports all SAP UI frameworks, teams can create robust and easily maintainable E2E scenarios. In addition to that, with Qualibrate you can run accelerated User Acceptance Testing.

When moving to S/4HANA, training becomes critical for business transformation at scale. With Qualibrate, you will be able to create interactive training materials for the end-user, to maximize the adoption of the new system.

Many deliverables into 1: increase your team efficiency and lower the risk of bad quality in production releases.

3 in 1

Test smarter | Document faster | Learn easier

When moving to a new system, like S/4HANA, leveraging on test automation for your regression activities is the core. You will need to increase your test coverage.

Qualibrate offers the ultimate test automation solutions and supports accelerated manual testing, helping your team navigate through UAT in no time.

Test cases in Qualibrate are easily maintainable. You will be able to create a sustainable regression baseline for your future releases and upgrades.
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Documenting a new system can be an inefficient and time-consuming process. And, once you are done, the documents soon are outdated.

With Qualibrate, you can create your business process documentation that is lean, relevant, and simple to create. Yet easy to maintain.

With Qualibrate you record the transactions within your application, generating a digital representation of how it works. It will capture all the steps and screenshots performed, including data and technical information.

S/4 HANA has a brand new UI that can prevent the adoption by the end-users.
What if you could train them on the new system, even before this is available?

With Qualibrate you can easily create interactive training. The new user can learn how the new application works interactively: with screen simulations, business data, highlights, and suggestions, the Qualibrate trainer will guide the user through the entire execution of the process.

Ensure new users hit the ground running!
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