Promoting IT & Business Team Synergies Through a Collaboration Culture

Collaboration is a challenge that organizations have struggled with for years. Now, however, with our modern, digital way of working, organizations without collaboration at their core will see significant performance losses.

Does the lack of alignment impair the outcome of a task or project?

With the dizzying pace of technological innovation putting organizations in a near-constant state of transition, it’s harder than ever for them to keep up and manage the changes needed to place collaboration firmly at its core. One area where this is of particular importance is in SAP.

In this paper, you will discover:

The major challenges why teams can’t won’t or don’t collaborate

How to create synergies between IT & other teams through collaboration

The right first steps towards a succesfull collaborative culture

With the growth of digital technologies and the ‘digital transformation’, organizations are in a near-constant state of transition. Leaders need to find ways to bring in technological advancements as quickly as possible and set a strong foundation of ‘collaboration culture’ within teams.

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