Ensure quality is never compromised with user friendly automation solutions and manual testing accelerators.


With Qualibrate creating lean, relevant business process documentation is fast and simple yet easy to maintain.


Create interactive training. Screen simulation, business data, and team conversations ensure new users hit the ground running.

Enterprise Applications Supported

We support SAP and the major ERP, both on-premise & web-based, off the shelf, or custom made with the most popular HTML frameworks.
  • And +40 applications more...
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Customize your reporting dashboard

Qualibrate dashboards and analytics provide an overview of your project health in real time.

  • Create custom reports, charts, and time series graphs based on any project assets
  • Report on defects, flows, execution trends, test logs, test preparation, test execution…
  • Drag and drop allows you to visualize your dashboards your way.

Build a knowledge base for testing, documentation, and training

Qualibrate allows you to easily record the transactions within your application, generating a digital representation of how your application works. This will be your knowledge base for executing the flow manually, automatically, or for training purposes. A unique source of truth for your application that will ensure that your deliverables are always up to date and in sync.

  • Use the recording widget to capture the business process
  • For every step in your application automatically create process documentation including data and technical information
  • Add notes, verifications, and store parameters

Organize your business processes efficiently

Qualibrate is built on the principle of Flows and Scenarios, you can think of them like building blocks. With Qualibrate you record a flow, like creating a quotation or a sales order. Then you join flows together in a sequence that represents a scenario, like Order to Cash or Procure to Pay. This modular approach makes it easy to maintain.

  • Tag your flows with a status, classification severity, or custom tags
  • Organize your flows into End to End Scenarios
  • Easily maintain Flows and Scenarios through the drag and drop interface

Build easy to maintain end-to-end scenarios

All the recordings can also be used as building blocks to build an end to end scenario.
Once the scenario is built, all changes made to the single flow are also applied to the scenario.

In that way, test cases are highly reusable and easily maintainable.

  • Add, delete, and drag and drop the flows to customize the scenario

Leverage on the ability to maintain your test data

Qualibrate is a data-driven model-based application for testing. While recording, Qualibrate produces a default Test Data set with all the input values and parameters that the user typed in the application. You can easily extend your test coverage by creating multiple datasets.

  • Create operations and loops
  • Use javascript functions to generate dynamic values
  • Import and export datasets in excel for bulk edits

Accelerate User Acceptance Testing

Qualibrate allows you to shorten UAT by providing automation and assistance where your users need it most. Qualibrate provides users clear screenshots, steps and data and even automates steps performed in the application helping your team navigate through UAT in no time.

  • “Do it for me”: performs the step automatically for the user
  • “Show me”: highlight the element in the screen where the user has to perform the action
  • Detailed reporting and execution logs provide a full audit trail useful for compliance

Always Ready Automation

Qualibrate allows users to record a process and create a digital document that captures all the steps and screenshots performed in the application.

But this isn't just any digital document, Qualibrate also captures all the technical information required to allow the Qualibrate robot to run the process automatically on demand.

No more Automated Tests out of sync with your process documentation, no more running tests to find failures then updating them to run again. If your process is up to date, your Automated Tests are up to date.

  • Run automated tests locally, as part of a batch or integrated in your CI/CD process
  • Process documentation and automated tests always in sync
  • Parallelize test execution across Qualibrate robots

Create interactive training to onboard new users

The digital document produced during the recording is, once again, your base for training simulations. The new user can learn how the new application works interactively: with screen simulations, business data, highlights, and suggestions, the Qualibrate trainer will guide the user through the entire execution of the process.

  • Play the training as a video that you can stop at any time
  • Track the progresses of the training
  • Add custom notes on the screenshot


We provide an open API to integrate with the most popular software development tools.
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  • Coming soon
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