How does your enterprise software delivery look like?

How often do you release a new version of your enterprise software? Whether is SAP, Salesforce, or any other web app, your software is going to change at least twice a year*.

No matter if it's a business transformation program, an upgrade, or just an update, you will have to go through the burden of updating your business process documentation, according to the requirements. Then, handing it to the developers, and the testing team.

In the best-case scenario, they will just have to update the automated scripts and run regression testing successfully. Maybe, you also want to run UAT (User Acceptance Testing) for the most critical features.

After a couple of issues and a few bug fixing, the new version of your software is up and running. But, if you want to make sure the end-users hit the ground, you have to update the user manual too.

Once you can start breathing, a new email with the subject "New release" hit your inbox and you have to start all this again!

Most companies do all this manually. Some others, more advanced, might have different teams, different tools, and different deliverables. Still, all this sounds very inefficient, time-consuming, energy-draining, and error-prone.

Isn't this feeling very familiar to you? No worries, we've also been there. And we are here to show you there is a better way!

What if, there is a faster way?

What if we tell you there's a faster, better, and more efficient way to release your enterprise software into production? What if you can centralize your information and generate Automated Tests, Process Documentation, and Training Collateral from a single asset? If you can keep all these deliverables in sync and up to date, all at once?

Are you a Business Analyst, a Program Manager, a QA expert, a developer, or just an employee who wants to look for more efficient ways to release software changes into production?

Watch the on-demand webinar and find out how. We will show you a real case scenario on how to accelerate change.

*average release frequency of 500+ enterprise companies that used our ROI calculator

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