With the speed of software releases increasing, automation is essential, especially for companies wanting to deliver high-quality software quickly. Whether you're releasing new functionality for your business or enhancements for your users, testing is a costly yet necessary part of the delivery pipeline

Automation makes it possible to deliver high-quality software on time, with proper testing based on application requirements. With SAP S/4HANA, many companies are looking for a lightweight approach to introduce automated testing.

In this webinar on-demand, discover how Qualibrate’s cloud testing platform can empower SAP teams to deliver their S/4 and other digital transformation programs faster and with less effort.

Are you involved in release management, program management, project delivery, S/4HANA transition, development, testing, QA, or a consultant looking to stay ahead of technology?

Watch this webinar on-demand to:

  • Understand how a lightweight approach to automated testing helps SAP teams meet testing goals faster and with less effort
  • Learn why a new approach with Qualibrate enables SAP users to deliver faster releases, provide more efficient onboarding for users, and result in better overall processes
  • Find out why SAP teams don’t need to invest in costly heavy, high-overhead testing solutions to meet test automation objectives
  • See a demonstration of the software revolutionising delivering fast, high-quality software

Watch this 60-minute webinar on-demand to learn how a true cloud-native test automation solution could help you leverage your transition faster to a well-supported S/4HANA system.

This session was hosted together with our Australian partner, Leg Up Software.

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