When it comes to SAP development, managing SAP change can be a problem. For many customers, inefficient change management processes result in a slow pace of change, don't consistently satisfy business needs, and increase the risk of costly downtime and outages.

SAP IT teams have struggled with these challenges for years. They are constantly trying to improve their outcomes and deliver a higher volume of rapid, low-risk change to business users.   

Yet, today more than ever, SAP customers need to transform their current SAP development lifecycle processes to support enterprise-wide agile and DevOps initiatives.  For some, this requires new ways of thinking and working.

In this webinar, you will discover how Rev-Trac and Qualibrate's partnership enables SAP customers to adopt new ways of working.  

This webinar tackles how SAP customers can transform their SAP development lifecycle processes to support enterprise - wide agile and DevOps initiatives.

  • Gain insights on proven SAP change management risk reduction strategies which can reduce production incidents by 60% or more
  • Understand new approach to SAP testing automation, documentation, and training, which deliver rapid time to value while reducing costs and effort by 80%
  • Learn how SAP change management automation and SAP testing automation work together to reduce SAP change risk and significantly improve your SAP change delivery outcomes
  • Discover how Rev-Trac and Qualibrate's partnership enables SAP users to adopt new ways of working

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