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Qualibrate and Leg Up Software bring a high-quality test automation alternative to the Australian market

Qualibrate and Leg Up Software bring a high-quality test automation alternative to the Australian market


AMSTERDAM, July 26, 2021 — An Amsterdam-based test automation platform Qualibrate and a Melbourne based software reseller Leg Up Software join forces to bring a high-quality test automation solution into the Australian market. Rudy Hoogendoorn, Qualibrate's manager of alliances and new business, and Rick Porter, Leg Up Software's founding director, share the background and the value this partnership will bring.  

This partnership will allow Leg Up Software to increase its product offering to SAP IT teams in the Australia and New Zealand Region, who are looking to adopt test automation as a way of speeding up their application delivery process. This partnership is strategically significant for Leg Up Software, as it will provide regional SAP IT teams with another tool in the toolbox when it comes to adopting test automation. With Qualibrate's cloud-based platform tailored explicitly to SAP applications, and a wide range of flexible deployment options, they can now offer a faster and easier way.

With over 250 Australian enterprises relying on their IT teams to maintain, enhance, and support their SAP solutions, the region represents a reasonably sized but hard-to-access market for this European software vendor.

"Here at Leg Up Software, we're constantly looking for exciting and innovative automation solutions to grow our offering,"explains Rick Porter, founding Director of Leg Up Software. "Our latest partnership with Qualibrate has given us that opportunity and will allow us to offer our customers even more automation options. Now, SAP IT teams can add test execution to their list of automated processes with the help of Qualibrate. We're very excited about this opportunity and have no doubt that together we'll be able to help regional SAP IT teams further automate."  

Rudy Hoogendoorn, Qualibrate's manager of alliances and new business, shared: "Qualibrate has always been connected indirectly to the Australian market and we even have customers in the ANZ area. That being said, it is rather difficult to stay fully connected because of the time difference. As our target group requires long lead times and as we have a customer intimacy approach, working with a partner to support us on that is very valuable. The synergy with Rick and his team is very strong. They have a lot of experience working with partners and they have a strong network within the SAP community. Combine this with our ever growing focus on alliances and you have a solid joint proposition.”

By offering Qualibrate solution to the Australian market, Leg Up Software will provide regional SAP IT teams the confidence to evaluate, acquire and use the same high-quality IT automation software in use by many European companies.

To learn more about the partnership between Qualibrate and Leg Up Software, please get in touch with us at or


About Leg Up Software

Leg Up Software, a Melbourne based software reseller, was founded to provide a cost-effective sales channel to the Australian and NewZealand market for specialty European software vendors. In doing so, Leg Up Software gives regional Enterprise SAP IT teams access to high quality, market-leading IT automation software to help them serve their business customers better.

About Qualibrate

Qualibrate is a 3-in-1 cloud platform designed to empower customers to create documentation, testing, and training content faster, simpler, and effortless. We help unlock your team's potential to accelerate the delivery of software projects with better quality and lower costs.  

Qualibrate supports a broad range of enterprise software packages and web applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and custom-made applications built on popular HTML frameworks like React, Angular, including apps developed in low-code platforms like Medix, and Outsystems.  

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