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Qualibrate and delaware join forces to provide high-quality test automation

Qualibrate and delaware join forces to provide high-quality test automation


At the end of 2020, low-code automated testing platform Qualibrate and IT consultancy firm delaware decided to partner up in their efforts to bring faster, easier, and more efficient testing to companies worldwide. Rudy Hogendoorn, Qualibrate’s manager of alliances and new business, and Andreas Faes, test automation architect at delaware, explain the nature of their partnership and explore how companies will benefit from it.

An innovative low-code automated testing platform, Qualibrate enables users to accelerate and automate their process documentation and regression testing for enterprise applications. As part of its global strategy, the company is always on the lookout for partners to help expand its reach and bring its innovative spirit to more organizations.

“When we look for a partner, we have a certain set of requirements,” explains Rudy. “They need to be knowledgeable, and the partnership really needs to provide added value for the customer. When we started investigating delaware, we quickly realized that they ticked all the boxes. Furthermore, they differentiate themselves from other IT consultancy firms through their openness for innovation and broad expertise.”


Hitting the software testing sweet spot

Subsequently, Rudy and his team approached Andreas at delaware to explore the idea of teaming up. “At delaware, we have our own set of standards to determine whether we want to partner up with a software provider,” explains Andreas. “For us, the most important prerequisite is that solution in question solves a real need we’re experiencing in the market, and that can make users' lives easier.

“Qualibrate manages to hit the exact sweet spot between being a powerful solution that helps tackle specific challenges and being easy to explain to clients who have little experience with automated software testing.”


The dream (race) team

For clients and end users, the partnership between Qualibrate and delaware offers many tangible benefits. Rudy: “An apt metaphor is that of a race car, crew, and driver. The end user is obviously the driver, who needs to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. Qualibrate is the race car he is driving. And ultimately, delaware is the crew that ensures the racer can get the most out of the car. It all works together in a brilliant way.”

“Our partnership with delaware marks an important milestone in our partner strategy and provides an important stepping stone toward worldwide expansion on the SAP marketplace by leveraging other delaware regional business units,” adds Alan Jimenez, Qualibrate’s director. Qualibrate and delaware designed this partnership with our customers in mind. Our core aim is to empower our clients to deliver their digital transformation programs faster and with less effort by harnessing delaware's best-in-class consulting services, powered by Qualibrate's revolutionary cloud testing platform. It’s an unbeatable combination.”


About delaware

delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage. We guide our customers through their business transformations by applying the ecosystems of our main business partners, SAP and Microsoft. We continue to serve our customers afterwards, thus ensuring continuity of operations and continuous improvement. In everything we do, delaware applies our own sustainable business model that aims for the long term. More than 2,400 delaware professionals work n 12 countries spread over Europe, Asia and the Americas.

About Qualibrate

Qualibrate is 3-in-1 cloud platform designed to empower customers to create documentation, testing and training content faster, simpler and with less effort. We help to unlock your teams’ potential to accelerate the delivery of software projects with better quality and lower costs.

Qualibrate supports a broad range of enterprise software packages and web applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow and custom made applications built on popular HTML frameworks like React, Angular, including apps developed in low-code platforms like Mendix, and Outsystems

Discover our customer success stories to see how we’ve helped build high-quality test automation.

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