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Better times will come

Better times will come

Alan Jimenez

Dear Reader,

The last few weeks have presented all of us with a truly unprecedented life situation. We feel for our colleagues, customers, and partners and the impact on their families, communities and mostly, our day to day lives. More importantly, our heartfelt condolences go to those that perished fighting for their lives against this disease. Regardless of their nationality, race, skin color, religion and/or cultural beliefs, we are all one, and we all feel you. Our deep respect goes also to the healthcare workers, who put their lives into the line to fight this war on our behalf; a true source of inspiration and commitment to our generation and more generations to come❤.

Such inspiration has helped us to navigate this pandemic and provided us with some time to reflect and put things in perspective. At the same time, we focused on preserving our commitments towards our customers, partners, and stakeholders while we go through this challenging period.

One of the first steps we took as an organization is to prioritize the well-being of our team; adopting a remote-first strategy was critical to secure the safety of our colleagues, also to help our communities to follow the guidelines and reduce the pressure on our respective health care systems.

Secondly, we have transitioned our engagement model with customers and partners towards digital channels as much as possible. We hope we can be of service to help your own teams not only to continue adding value to their projects but support in any way necessary to streamline remote working procedures.

Adopting a remote-work strategy has always been part of our DNA since our very inception. We found several sources of inspiration with other organizations that helped us find our ideal way of working after several iterations. Building a remote-first strategy can be a difficult process, therefore we would like to provide you with some really useful and pragmatic ideas to help you transition to new ways-of-working to keep team productivity and streamline collaboration and communications:

As mentioned above, our commitment to provide all of you with exceptional products and services remains, especially now to help everyone go through these strange times.

In case you have any questions and/or require some additional support from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or me directly.

Hoping for a brighter future to come soon, I wish you all strength and optimism. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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