SAP Activate – What it is & Why You would use it?

What is SAP activate? Activate is SAP’s implementation toolkit. It is more than just a methodology. It’s not pure Agile, not really Waterfall, it is somewhere in between...

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Get to grips with S/4HANA in 3 easy steps

S/4HANA is coming up to 5 years old and is maturing as an offering. SAP is pushing its customers to adopt S/4HANA as early as possible, but is it the right solution for you? Is it practical? Is it even possible?

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S/4HANA Migration – The 4 Approaches

You decided that S/4HANA is for you. And now? What migration approach do you choose? Read the article to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the 4 approaches: greenfield, bluefield, brownfield, and transformation.

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